Meissner egészségügyi, inline egyelemes szűrőház

Meissner develops, manufactures, supplies and services advanced microfiltration products and single-use systems worldwide. Meissner stands as a leader in microfiltration by providing high performance products and technical support services for critical applications.



Meissner Sanitary Inline Single Element Filter Housing

1-round sanitary, inline, 316L stainless steel filter housing.

This versatile, single cartridge, sanitary design filter housing is used for the clarification, sterilization, or high purity filtration of liquids and gases. This housing offers high reliability and security for continuous or point-of-use service, as well as for small and medium batch processing applications.

Design Features

  • Accepts one 5″, 10″, 20″, 30″ or 40″ cartridge filter
  • 1.5″ sanitary flange inlet/outlet; 1/4″ hose barb vent/drain valve, standard
  • Flow rates to 20 gpm for liquids, or 300 scfm for gases
  • Electropolished 316L stainless steel construction provides maximum durability and corrosion resistance
  • Quick-release clamp closure allows easy disassembly and fast cartridge filter replacement
  • Effective in sterile or high purity filtration of bulk gases, fermentor gases or tank venting service applications
  • Smooth, ultraclean surface finish enhances cleanability
  • True sanitary design prevents entrapment or build-up of contaminants
  • Inline flow configuration reduces housing pressure loss
  • Thermal jacketed bowl available for steam or coolant circulation
  • Sanitary vent and drain valves permit easy venting, draining, sampling or integrity testing operations
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