HEINKEL Series V 425 TT & V 450 TT Ex – Robbanásbiztos centrifuga

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Series V 425 TT & V 450 TT Ex

With the HEINKEL Coating Centrifuge V 425 TT, we offer our customers an economical solution for the coating of small parts with oil, paint, adhesive binders and the like. It spins away excess coating material optimally and it is also easy to install.

For hazardous Ex zones HEINKEL has developed and built the Coating Centrifuge V 450 TT Ex.

Special properties for the benefit of the customer

  • Economic coating of small parts with oil, lacquer, adhesive coatings etc.
  • Optimised spinning off of excess coating material
  • Simple installation

Technical description of the centrifuge 

The outer casing of the machine is made of two parts. The bottom casing section is made of die-cast GGG 40 supporting the bearing of the centrifuge. For the purpose of cleaning the inside volume, the protection jacket on the bottom casing section has been arranged to be easily detachable.

The upper casing section is closed by a hinged lid, the balance of which is maintained by means of a gas spring. A venting cover is provided on the cover. An opening is provided in the outside jacket for the extraction of solvent containing vapours whereby this opening is in the instance of the basic machine blanked off.

The mechanism for lifting and lowering the lacquer container is arranged in the bottom casing section of the machine. The dipping process is run manually by operating a swivelling lever. The container with the coating material can be easily exchanged.

After having been filled, the centrifuge basket is placed onto the basket shaft. In order to cut downtimes as far as possible, the use of a second basket is recommended.
Both jacket and bottom of the basket are provided with strainer-like holes of 3.0 mm in diameter. The close arrangement of the holes allows for rapid access of the coating material during dipping, while at the same time allowing for complete removal of the liquid during the subsequent spinning process.

When treating parts which owing to their size would be ejected through the holes in the basket, then a fine wire mesh can be placed in the basket.
Custom baskets made of stainless steel are also available.

As to the bearing design, special design considerations were taken in to account regarding sealing of the shaft side of the basket, so as to prevent the ingress of solvent containing coating material. Moreover, the shaft bearings have been designed in consideration of the operating conditions for a calculated service life of 15,000 hours.

The centrifuge is delivered ready for immediate operation.

Technical Data

max. (kg)
No. of
V 425 TT 425 160 15 20 730 12-15
V 450 TT Ex 450 150 15 20 750 12-15

Dimensions and Weights

V 425 TT 1.020 600 1.000 330
V 450 TT Ex 1.250 800 1.180 400
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