Vacuum homogenizing, milling, deaeration

FRYMAKORUMA is one of the leading international companies offering materials processing machines and processing installations. At the moment, there are over 23,000 of our machines in use in more than 180 countries. Our aim is to meet the customer’s requirements.
In doing this, we must demonstrate flexibility and make specific use of our know-how. In this way, we have built up long-term partnerships with customers and suppliers. These connections have brought our company to the position it occupies now.


In the pharmaceutical industry, absolute sterility, hygiene and the highest possible quality are decisive criteria for achieving optimal results and products.
With our wide range of machines and equipment, we continuously strive to meet your hygienic, quality and productivity requirements whatever your application,
for example dispersing powders into liquids.


In the cosmetics industry, high hygiene and quality standards are essential prerequisites for manufacturing competitive products.
With our wide range of machines and equipment, we continuously strive to meet your hygienic, quality and productivity requirements whatever your application,
for example extremely fine comminution of colouring particles.


With our comprehensive range of machines and plant, you’re bound to find the optimal solution for almost any application in the food sector – from coarse grinding of fruit and vegetables to emulsification of sauces and dressings. We continuously strive to meet your hygienic, quality and productivity requirements
in every respect – and that’s a promise.


Your customers value the quality of your products, which assure safety and stability in manufacture and use. They naturally also satisfy strict environmental regulations governing chemical intermediates and end products as well as paints and varnishes. To provide this quality, you depend on precise, reproducible
formulations and exactly aligned processes.
Our contribution: reliable process systems.