Romaco Macofar LF 202 Liquid Fillers

Although the ability to develop advanced machine technologies is crucial, Romaco Macofar is convinced that flexibility and ease of validation are also essential criteria for meeting the specific requirements of customers in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. For many years now, Romaco Macofar has enjoyed an excellent reputation as a global supplier of filling solutions for sterile powders and granules.



Series LF 202 Romaco Macofar

The new Romaco Macofar LF 202 series is designed for high speed liquid filling of pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetics liquid products.

LF 202 liquid filler can be equipped with different filling systems and multiple closing heads, and completed with in line controls to check filling accuracy and capping quality.

Technical Highlights

  • Reduced format parts for fast product changeover
  • Product transport system designed to be adjusted to handle a wide range of different bottles’ diameters
  • Linear configuration on table top design
  • Positive handling of all products by means of pick and place for all kind of caps and closures
  • Pre-arranged for 100% in line check weighing system
  • Pre-arranged for 100% in line torque control
  • Customized configurations for liquid filling by means of dosing system of customer’s choice (mechanical piston pumps, rotary pumps and peristaltic pumps)
  • Suitable to be equipped with laminar flow
  • Suitable to be configured for products disciplined by the ATEX directive
  • GMP design for easy cleaning and high operators’ ergonomics

Technical Data

LF 201 LF 202 LF 203
Description Filling + Single Capping Filling + Double Capping Filling + Triple capping
Motion Intermittent Intermittent Intermittent
Max output (units/h) up to depending on bottle size and dosage 12,000 12,000 12,000
Filling range (min–max ml) 0.5–500 0.5–500 0.5–500
Bottle diameter (min–max mm) 20–62 20–62 20–62
Bottle height (min–max mm) 40–180 40–180 40–180
Installed power 9 kW 11 kW 13 kW
Compressed air consumption 150 Nl/min 150 Nl/min 200 Nl/min
Compressed air pressure 6 bar 6 bar 6 bar
Width 1,090 mm (2,685 mm including caps hopper) 1,090 mm (2,685 mm including caps hopper) 1,090 mm (2,685 mm including caps hopper)
Length 4,700 mm 5,900 mm 7,100 mm
Height 2,015 mm 2,015 mm 2,015 mm
Weight 2,400 kg 2,800 kg 3,300 kg
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