Romaco Promatic PC 4000 series – Horizontal Cartoner

With numerous innovations and advanced technologies, Romaco Promatic has evolved into a globally recognised brand. Customers in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries trust in the groundbreaking cartoning solutions, rich know-how and excellent customer service of Romaco Promatic.



Romaco Promatic PC 4000 Horizontal Cartoners

The Promatic PC 4000 series is a flexible high speed cartoner range designed to satisfy the most demanding applications. It offers a wide range of tailor-made feeding options for different products.

The PC 4000 range of cartoners consistently delivers flexibility, ergonomics and efficiency at speeds up to 400 cartons/min.

Benefits of the PC 4000

  • GMP compliant design meets even the most demanding standards in pharmaceutical production
  • Easy access reduces retooling and cleaning times to a minimum
  • Ergonomic working height for maximum operating convenience
  • Balcony structure
  • High flexibility for customisation

Technical Highlights

  • Patented system for picking up and opening the cartons
  • Torque limiters for all drives
  • Modular design facilitates bespoke feed systems and the integration of numerous additional functions
  • Industrial PC operating system with servo motor for perfectly synchronised mechanical and electronic movements
  • Retractable carton magazine allows optimal access to all machine components
  • Reproducible, toolless format changes in under thirty minutes; stack heights can be modified in less than ten minutes
  • Low vibration and noise levels thanks to servo motors and belt drives
  • Driven exclusively by pulleys and toothed belts (no chains)
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