Romaco Kilian K 720

Romaco Kilian enjoys a global reputation as a supplier of efficient and user friendly tableting machines for use in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and chemical industries. For several decades now, customers all over the world have particularly valued our excellent customer service and our fast response and delivery times. Numerous patents testify to Romaco Kilian’s longstanding commitment to the development of solutions and applications tailored to user needs.



Romaco Kilian K 720

The K 720 is a reliable, versatile, double sided, high speed tableting machine. Romaco Kilian has developed this press for highest Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) combining outstanding Performance, Availability and Quality.

It is available in three configurations:

  • Mono-layer tablet production
  • Bi-layer tablet production
  • Combination of the above


  • Up to 1,000,000 tabs/h as mono machine
  • Few product contact parts, minimal cleaning effort
  • Tool-less format change
  • Powerful maintenance-free torque drive for fast start-up and reduced product loss
  • Product scraper with magnets for mini-mised product loss


  • Less maintenance due to
    • Low-wear pressure rollers
    • Maintenance-free torque drive
    • Wear-free lower punch brakes
  • Longer production interval between cleaning times due to hermetical separation of the process area
  • Fast support through Remote Assist with Call4Service button


  • Patented bellow system for black spot free tablets
  • Constant brake force for better relative standard deviation due to patented lower punch brake magnets

Technical Data

Machine configurations Mono-layer; Bi-layer
Number of press stations 85 77 63 51
Tool type* (EU and TSM) B B B D
Die type BBS BB B D
Maximum tablet diameter (mm) 11 13 16 25
Maximum output** (tablets/hour) 1,020,000 924,000 753,000 550,000
Maximum die filling (mm) 18 20
Maximum pre-compression force (kN) 100***
Maximum main compression force (kN) 100***
Power (kW) 38
Standard voltage (V), frequency (Hz) 400, 50/60
Compressed air (bar) 6
Weight (kg) 5,600

* Special tools/formats available on request.
** The output depends on tablet size and compressed material.
*** Maximum punch load dependant on tablet design.

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