MG2 GTF60 Tray former

In MG2, since 1966, they have been working hard to guarantee to their customers the maximum technological innovation applied to the production of automatic machines for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries.


GTF60 Tray former

Balcony style, modular, intermittent motion tray-former and loader, forming flat-blank cartons and sealing them with hot-melt.
GTF60 can be completed with several mechanical and robotic feeding systems for pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications. The machine can be easily customized to work with a wide array of products and components. Its flexibility allows for the production of trays with or without tucked-in or glued lid.

Technical data

Machine type: tray former and loader
Box size range (AxBxC): min. 90x40x40 mm – max. 300x300x150 mm
Speed (cycles/minute): up to 60
Products Range: cardboard boxes; display boxes; trays

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