MG2 G28 / T Dosing machine for small containers

In MG2, since 1966, they have been working hard to guarantee to their customers the maximum technological innovation applied to the production of automatic machines for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries.


G28/T Dosing machine for small containers

G28/T is an automatic continuous motion high-speed dosing and assembly machine designed to dose solid products into small containers, such as sealing caps.
Available in two speeds: 14.000 or 28.000 caps/hour.
It is possible to increase machine output by simply adding some elements to the machine main units.
Up to two dosing units can be fitted to the machine at the same time thus offering a wide range of product dosage combinations.

Technical data

Machine Type: ​dosing machine for small containers​
Speed (containers/hour): 14.000*, 28.000
Range of container dimensions: diameter from 5 to 20 mm – height from 10 to 50 mm
Products range: powder, pellets​

* (later upgradable up to 28.000 containers/hour)

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