MG2 BliStar Blistering machine

In MG2, since 1966, they have been working hard to guarantee to their customers the maximum technological innovation applied to the production of automatic machines for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries.


BliStar Blistering machine

The BliSTar blistering machine has been designed to speed up and optimize production.
Its features include: – touch screen control, where the state of the machine is displayed in real time; – forming and lidding reel centering adjustment, motorized and controlled unwinding and winding end; – forming systems, cut and precut in motorized and fast removable cassettes; – automatic switch off in case of junction on reel forming and lidding material; – control unit for product projection out of pockets before sealing; – continuous sealing system with motorized and speed, temperature and pressure individual ad justment; – simple and fast size changeover with minimum adjustments; – automatic centering of the pockets regarding the cut.

Technical data

Machine Type: intermittent motion blistering machine
Speed (blister/minute): up to 150
Products Range: Blisters

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