Meissner FluoroFlex® PVDF Biocontainers

Meissner develops, manufactures, supplies and services advanced microfiltration products and single-use systems worldwide. Meissner stands as a leader in microfiltration by providing high performance products and technical support services for critical applications.



Meissner FluoroFlex® PVDF Biocontainers

A PVDF product contact layer biocontainer for the pharmaceutical industry’s most demanding applications.

As the most recent addition to the One-Touch® single-use system’s portfolio, Meissner offers PVDF based FluoroFlex® biocontainers.

Meissner’s FluoroFlex® film has been optimized for the pharmaceutical industry’s most demanding requirements. FluoroFlex® biocontainer applications stretch beyond that of traditional polyolefin-based biocontainers, and our own TepoFlex® biocontainers, to open new opportunities for single-use systems.


FluoroFlex® PVDF film combines inherent purity, inertness and high gas barrier properties to reduce potential product interference in the industry’s most robust biocontainer.
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