Meissner AccuFlux® integritás tesztelő

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Meissner AccuFlux® Integrity Tester

Automated integrity test instrument.

Consistent with Meissner’s commitment to developing smart products that bolster quality, reduce risk and provide a second to none customer experience, the AccuFlux® integrity test system is engineered to combine the highest levels of instrument accuracy, robustness, and ease of use. In an era where importance of quality and accuracy often takes a back seat to reducing cost, the AccuFlux® stays true to its purpose of sacrificing nothing; providing assurance that each test performed is being done so in a way that only a company with over 30 years of filtration expertise can provide.

The AccuFlux® is a testament to Meissner’s commitment to vertical integration. Key among the design of this system is a 15″ color, multi-touch user interface which serves as a window into the intuitive and easy to use nature of the system. The AccuFlux® features a recipe driven test setup which allows a user to be performing tests within seconds of powering on the device. Once powered up, the user logs directly into the test screen where a test recipe can be selected. After reviewing conveniently displayed test data, the user can start the test with the press of a button. While the test is being performed, all test settings and data are being stored to up to three (3) locations. Upon completion of a test, the user must acknowledge the result, at which point a test report is generated and saved to a .PDF file. These files as well as the test data can also be viewed from the system’s History screen. Setup of recipes is made simple by providing data for all supported Meissner filters. The system is compatible with filters from other manufacturers, although this data must be entered manually. Test data entry and recipe setup is limited to users of specified permission level. A portion of what makes the system CFR 21, Part 11 compliant is its multi-tiered user administration system which requires all users to have a unique, individual username and password. The user experience and usability of the system is also enhanced with various features listed below:

  • Preinstalled filter data for Meissner filters
  • Built in self checks and tests, such as internal/external leak test and source pressure check
  • Built in sensor calibration utility
  • Auto-generated detailed PDF test certificate
  • Editable test data for adding non-Meissner filter
  • Multiple save locations, including network locations and USB devices
  • CFR 21 Part 11 Compliant
  • Live test data stored to .CSV file
  • Recipe storage system for storing filter data, system data and test setups
  • Tiered user system including unique user login accounts
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