HEINKEL Pressofiltro® Series PF 5 – PF 500 Pilot plant – Pressofiltro szűrő kísérleti méret

HEINKEL Drying and Separation Group is specialized in designing, manufacturing and providing high-quality equipment and full systems for separating solids from liquids. The brands BOLZ-SUMMIX, COMBER and HEINKEL have an excellent reputation throughout the different process industries around the world. HEINKEL provide a global sales and after-sales network giving our customers the benefit of direct sales, dedicated sales organizations and well-established sales partners in many different countries. The Group combines the financial strength of an international organization with the flexibility and rapid response of a medium sized enterprise.



Pressofiltro® Series PF 5 – PF 500 Pilot plant

COMBER Pressofiltro® pilot units are multipurpose tools for pilot plant or laboratory applications as well as for small scale production facilities. Versatile use of the equipment, cGMP compliant design, containment, efficient and complete cleanability, complete discharge-ability, highest drying efficiency, process safety and monitoring, ease of validation and a compact design are important requirements for this type of equipment.

Pressofiltro® pilot nutsche filters and filter dryers designed to meet varied customer specifications. Customer specified options include single column support, support on a skid or conventional 3 leg design, hydraulically activated discharge valve or manually operated discharge port, active or passive isolators for sampling, product pack-off and heel removal, heel removal systems, microwave duty preparation, all electric versions, bayonet or C-clamp locking for filter bottom, etc.

Special properties for the customer’s benefit

  • calculation, design and manufacture in compliance with Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EG or/and ASME U-stamp as well as with cGMP and FDA guidelines
  • EG type examination certification 03ATEX0246X in accord with PED 94/9/EG or with UL-approved electrical components for operations in class 1, division 1 or 2, group C & D environment
  • double mechanical seal, externally interchangeable, gas-lubricated (lift-off), dry running contact (contacting slide surfaces) or liquid-lubricated
  • the tank’s lower section is fastened to a column for optimal access to filter plate, resp. dryer’s lower section
  • device built on skid, completely with hydraulic power unit or fastened to supporting column
  • sampler valve
  • pre-piping made of stainless steal, pre-wiring on terminal box made of stainless steal
  • CIP System


  • additional heating with microwaves to reduce the drying process
  • available in steam sterilizable and/or aseptic designs, removal of the residual layer, DQ, IQ, OQ qualification
  • autonomic PLC control or connected to PMSX

Technical data

Filter area
Cake volume
PF 5 200 0.03 3 100 0.75
PF 10 250 0.045 4.5 80 1.1
PF 25 300 0.07 8 70 1.5
PF 50 400 0.13 18 55 2.2
PF 100 500 0.20 32 50 4.0
PF 200 640 0.32 80 74 4.0
PF 250 700 0.38 115 70 5.5
PF 350 800 0.50 150 60 5.5
PF 500 S 875 0.60 180 52 7.5
PF 500 955 0.70 210 46 7.5
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