Valve Engineering Flexible connections

Valve Engineering Srl is a specialist manufacturer of valves for handling powders in the Pharmaceutical, fine chemical, food and cosmetics industries. They are located near the town of Lucca in Tuscany, Italy in an area renowned for its skilled mechanical engineers and designers.

At the core of their offer is a passion for innovative design, and a tradition of engineering excellence. This is reflected in a string of patents they already hold for innovations in their products, and there are more in the pipeline.



Flexible silicone compensators

The ideal solution when it is necessary to make a flexible connection between components in a sanitary system. Oyster Tri-clover-compatible silicone compensators are attached to the host installation by means of a standard tri-clamp, They include a stainless steel bearing ring to protect the silicone material from damage by the clamp, but in such a way that the bearing ring can easily be removed for cleaning.

The compensators can be supplied to suit either DIN or ASME BPE TC end connections.

Flexible conical adaptors

In addition to the sizes given above some we can also supply a limited range of flexible conical adaptors. These are clamp mounted at each end with the same system of removeable bearing rings. Please enquire for availability. Other sizes can be added where there is demand.


A full range of sizes of tri-clamps available fabricated from stainless steel to the highest pharmaceutical standards, these clamps are significantly lighter and cleaner than clamps produced by investment casting.

Mounting collars

The mounting ferrule is a convenient way to attach valves and other accessories to a host installation. The collar is welded to the machine and the clamp flange permits the easy quick and hygienic fitting and removal of valves, blank plates and other accessories. All contact surfaces are finished to pharmaceutical standard and mirror polished. The collar is fitted with an o-ring to ensure the joint is airtight.

Blank plates

A neat and quick way temporarily to close off chutes and ducts using either Tri-clamps or standard clamps. These are machined from AISI 316L and finished to pharmaceutical standards. They include where necessary an o-ring to ensure the joint is airtight.

Hose attachments

Hose attachment fits to host installation via Tri-clamp or Standard clamp and enables easy and quick mounting and removal of flexible hoses and pipes.

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