Romaco Promatic BIPAK Vertical Cartoner

With numerous innovations and advanced technologies, Romaco Promatic has evolved into a globally recognised brand. Customers in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries trust in the groundbreaking cartoning solutions, rich know-how and excellent customer service of Romaco Promatic.



Romaco Promatic BIPAK Vertical Cartoner

The BIPAK vertical cartoner built by Romaco Promatic is reliable, flexible and versatile. It can be operated in either continuous or intermittent mode depending on the cartoning application. The standard Bipak model is semi-automatic but a wide range of automatic feed units can also be supplied as optional equipment.

Benefits of the BIPAK

  • Auxiliary devices such as product security systems are easily accommodated
  • Up to 100 cartons per minute in fully automatic mode
  • Venturi vacuum unit reduces the noise level to a minimum

Technical Highlights

  • Automatic product feeding by the continuous motion pick & place unit (max. speed: 100 products / minute) guarantees a high output of upright products
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