Romaco Macofar WM 8000 Washing Machines

Although the ability to develop advanced machine technologies is crucial, Romaco Macofar is convinced that flexibility and ease of validation are also essential criteria for meeting the specific requirements of customers in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. For many years now, Romaco Macofar has enjoyed an excellent reputation as a global supplier of filling solutions for sterile powders and granules.



Romaco Macofar WM 8000 Washing Machines

The automatic washing machines in the WM 8000 series are designed for cleaning vials. These intermittent motion machines provide flexible, programmable washing cycles for a thorough cleaning process that is easy to validate.

Benefits of the WM 8000

  • Works with up to four different fluids (pre-washing in an ultrasonic bath, demi or recycled water, distilled water or water for injection (WfI))
  • Optimally accessible
  • Vials cleaned on both the inside and outside by coaxial nozzles that allow a combination of water and air
  • Washing cycle programme is highly flexible and customisable

Technical Highlights

  • Special external jet nozzles
  • Co-axial inner jet nozzles ( patented )
  • External nozzles move downwards to wash the whole external surface of the containers
  • Pre-washing through ultrasonic bath, tank  is integral part of the machine structure
  • Automatic elimination of possible lay-down containers (90 °) in the infeed
  • Automatic trapping of reversed containers (180 °) in the infeed
  • Physical separation of each row of vials before lifting phase to washing cycle
  • Optional siliconization of containers at the end of cycle
  • All water tanks can be located inside the machine frame. All pumps, filters, piping mechanic components located on the back of the machine, easily accessible through transparent guards
  • Positive, guided discharged of containers either onto tray or directly to tunnel infeed conveyor
  • Universal transport gripper system for both vials and ampoules
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