Romaco Macofar MAC Series

Although the ability to develop advanced machine technologies is crucial, Romaco Macofar is convinced that flexibility and ease of validation are also essential criteria for meeting the specific requirements of customers in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. For many years now, Romaco Macofar has enjoyed an excellent reputation as a global supplier of filling solutions for sterile powders and granules.



Romaco Macofar MAC Series

The capping machines in the Romaco Macofar MAC series integrate the most advanced technology for sealing cylindrical glass vials with aluminum flip-off and simple alu-caps.


  • Outstanding capping quality is provided by  individual capping stations handling one vial at a time
  • Sealing by means of individual idle blades
  • Intermittent and continuous versions are both available
  • Recipe management function 
  • Recording and management of production data
  • Capping system design reduces contamination to a minimum
  • Machine is easily accessible  for the convenience of cleaning 
  • Simple and efficient format changes. 

Technical Highlights

  • Automatic adjustment from HMI of capping pressure on each vial
  • Speed up to 24.000 vph
  • 100% actual capping pressure verification and recording of data in batch report
  • Minimum particles generation
  • In line capping quality verification available as an option
  • Rubber stopper presence and position check before sealing and rejection available as an option

Technical Data

Vials Diam., mm (min./max) 16 – 68
Vials H., mm (min./max) 35 – 140
Max. Output, vph 6,000 12,000 24,000
Closing heads 1 2 12
Motion Intermittent Intermittent Continuous
Rated power, kW 2.5
Weight, kg 800
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