Romaco Kilian STYL’ONE Evo Single-Stroke Multilayer Tablet Press

Romaco Kilian enjoys a global reputation as a supplier of efficient and user friendly tableting machines for use in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and chemical industries. For several decades now, customers all over the world have particularly valued our excellent customer service and our fast response and delivery times. Numerous patents testify to Romaco Kilian’s longstanding commitment to the development of solutions and applications tailored to user needs.



Romaco Kilian STYL’ONE Evo Single-Stroke Multilayer Tablet Press

The Romaco Kilian STYL’ONE Evolution is the all-in-one single-, multi-layer, Tab-in-Tab R&D single stroke tablet press. The machine covers all applications from early research to scale-up to production speed.

The machine is available in three personal svety configurations:

  • Standard
  • Light containment
  • High containment

Benefits of the STYL’ONE Evo

  • Allows fully aoutomated test series
  • Press analysis and optimal production achieved with very small product quantities
  • Quick changeover to different tooling types
  • High flexibility (suitable for all tablet types)
  • Detailed powder analysis via intelligent PAT sofware ANALYS
  • Easy repositioning – fits upright through a standard door
  • Easy access to all product-contacted parts

Technical Highlights

  • Replication of all types of rotary tablet presses with a compression force up to 80kN
  • Fully instrumented for force and displacement measurements
  • Target thickness / density mode
  • Different fill shoe systems (option of manual feeding)
  • Special fill shoe system allows compression of up to five layers with three different components (with hand feeding five)
  • Exchangeable worktable

Technical data

Tool type EU/TSM-B or D, specific*
Die BBS, BB, B, D, oversized*
Maximum tablet diameter (mm) 40
Maximum die filling (mm) 34
Maximum output (tablets/hour)** 1,750 mono layer
Fill shoes (up to 3) Hand feed, gravity, paddle force feeder, core feeding
Dwell time (ms) < 2 ms can be extended up to > 2 sec
Compression mode Force or displacement driven
Compression zone Adjustable from 1 mm to 12 mm
Maximum pre- and main compression (kN) 50 (to 80*)
Punch movement Selectable 1 punch only or upper + lower
Acceleration (G) and velocity (mm/sec) 2.6 – up to 2 x 390
Power (kW) 12
Standard voltage (V), frequency (Hz) 400/480 (±10 %), 50/60
Weight (kg)*** 1,080

* Options: specific design of tooling and/or tablet press mechanics and electronics.
** The output depends on tablet size and compressed material.
*** Machine + electrical cabinet

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