Romaco Kilian RX Double-Sided Rotary Press

Romaco Kilian enjoys a global reputation as a supplier of efficient and user friendly tableting machines for use in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and chemical industries. For several decades now, customers all over the world have particularly valued our excellent customer service and our fast response and delivery times. Numerous patents testify to Romaco Kilian’s longstanding commitment to the development of solutions and applications tailored to user needs.



Romaco Kilian RX Double-Sided Rotary Press

The Romaco Kilian RX is a reliable and globally established, double-sided rotary tablet press for industrial and technical tableting applications. The RX can be configured as a mono-layer or bi-layer machine.


  • Chemicals (e.g. catalysts, salt tablets, fertilisers, pesticides, naphthalene, paint, dishwasher tabs)
  • Food (e.g. sweeteners, sugar, dextrose, fructose, food tablets)
  • Sintered metals, ceramic, electrical components (e.g. carbide, thermoplastics, airbags, coal products)
  • Cosmetics (e.g. denture cleaners, bath salts)

Benefits of the RX Tablet Press

  • Ease of operation
  • Robust design and high performance
  • High overall equipment effectiveness
  • Minimal product loss
  • Minimal spare part requirements
  • Low noise level in operation
  • Compact machine with a small footprint

Technical Highlights

  • Optimised lubrication system for reduced wear and tear
  • Patented, wear-free punch brake magnets for constant re-dosing
  • Machine compartment separated from the process area for easy cleaning
  • Different fill shoe systems enable optimal powder feeding
  • Punch bellows can be used for long production runs
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