MG2 PLANETA Capsule filler

In MG2, since 1966, they have been working hard to guarantee to their customers the maximum technological innovation applied to the production of automatic machines for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries.


PLANETA Capsule filler

High technology, quality and reliability are the main characteristics of Planeta.
The modular design of Planeta means flexibility and ease of use, characteristics which make this capsule filling machine ideal for research and development laboratories as well as production of small, medium and large lots.
Various dosing combinations can be made.

Technical data

Mechanical design: continuous motion
Speed (capsules/hour): up to 50.000*, 100.000*, 200.000
Capsule sizes: 000-5; DB; Elongated; HPMC
Products range: Powder; Pellets; Microtablets; Tablets; Low dosages of powder; Capsule into capsule
Some dosing combinations: Powder + tablets; Powder + pellets; Powder + microtablets; Powder + 2 kinds of pellets; 2 kinds of pellets; 2 kinds of tablets; Up to 4 kinds of pellets; Pellets + tablets; 2 kinds of pellets + tablets
Weight control systems: 100% (net); Manual sampling; Statistical

* these models can be upgraded to higher speeds up to 200.000 capsules/hour

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