MG2 ACE CT/400 Serialization system for cartons

In MG2, since 1966, they have been working hard to guarantee to their customers the maximum technological innovation applied to the production of automatic machines for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries.


ACE CT/400 Serialization system for cartons

MG2 can supply Track & Trace solutions for packaging lines for bottles or bundles, featuring a reduced footprint, suitable to handle a wide range of shapes and sizes, thanks to easy and minimum adjustments, in order to get the maximum flexibility of use.
MG2 marking and verification systems have the ability to print a unique identifying 2D-Data Matrix code onto cartons, bundles or bottles, and simultaneously to read, verify and constantly monitor the code printing quality of each unit After each print job is inspected, the respective unit is either fed toward the conveyor or, in the case of faulty printing, discharged from the packaging line.
Thanks to their small footprint, the machines of ACE series can be integrated into any existing or new packaging line.
They feature a positive unit controlling system, yet an easier and safer handling management, even at high speed.
Machine frames and electrical cabinets are made in stainless steel.

Technical data

Machine Type: ​Track & Trace system for cartons
Speed (cartons/minute): up to 400
Products Range: cartons

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