Meissner Steridyne® PVDF Membrane (Hydrophobic)

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Meissner Steridyne® PVDF Membrane (Hydrophobic)

An absolute-rated PVDF filter for pharmaceutical gases as well as fermentor air and sterile vent filtration – also ideal for filtering many low surface tension chemicals and solvents.

The hydrophobic Steridyne® polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) membrane filter is 0.2 µm absolute-rated for the sterile filtration of air and gases. Offering broad chemical compatibility, the Steridyne® filter is ideal for the filtration of pharmaceutical, biological and aggressive process gases, including sterile tank venting, fermentation air, and compressed air and gases.


  • Sterile venting
  • Sterile fermentation air
  • Bioreactor inlet & off-gas
  • Clarification of corrosive gases
  • Clarification of solvents
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