Meissner SFE Filters

Meissner develops, manufactures, supplies and services advanced microfiltration products and single-use systems worldwide. Meissner stands as a leader in microfiltration by providing high performance products and technical support services for critical applications.



Meissner SFE Filters

Pleated, small cartridge filters for critical point-of-use filtration and small batch processing of liquids and gases.

Meissner’s small filter cartridges, or small flow element (SFE) filter cartridges are offered with the full range of Meissner filtration media, to meet flow and throughput requirements for critical point-of-use or small batch applications in liquid or gas service. Meissner SFE filters provide high flow rates and throughputs, low extractables and broad chemical compatibility to meet a wide variety of small and medium batch processing, where flow requirements are less than 3 gpm (11 L min-1) or 60 scfm (102 Nm3hr-1). A state-of-the-art thermal bonding process seals the filtration media to polypropylene support components and end caps, providing an extremely reliable, rugged and integral cartridge. No glues, resins, adhesives, epoxies or other extraneous materials are used. This ensures that SFE filters have extremely low extractable levels and can withstand rigorous mechanical and thermal challenges, including shocks, back pressure surges and multiple autoclave cycles. SFE filters have extremely broad chemical compatibility. Meissner SFE filter cartridges are available in two sizes, fitting Meissner’s line of SFE all-stainless filter housings or retrofitting competitive small flow housings.

Design Features

  • Full range of Meissner filtration media
  • Flow rates to 3 gpm (11 L min-1) or 60 scfm (102 Nm3hr-1)
  • Removal ratings from 0.04 µm to 99 µm
  • Ultraclean – no binders, adhesive, or surfactants
  • Extremely low extractable levels
  • Extremely broad chemical compatibility
  • Rugged construction withstands shocks, back pressure surges
  • Fits Meissner SFE housings, retrofits competitive small flow housings
  • Cleanroom manufactured
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