Meissner FlexGro® Rocker Style Biocontainers

Meissner develops, manufactures, supplies and services advanced microfiltration products and single-use systems worldwide. Meissner stands as a leader in microfiltration by providing high performance products and technical support services for critical applications.



Meissner FlexGro® Rocker Style Biocontainers

Single-Use biocontainers for use in rocker style bioreactors.

FlexGro® single-use rocker style biocontainer assemblies are ideal for various cell culture applications. FlexGro® biocontainers are available in up to 50 L (or a maximum of 25 L operating volume). Each FlexGro® assembly is supplied sterile (gamma-irradiated to insure an SAL of 10-6 substantiated according to ISO 11137 methodology).

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