Romaco Macofar MICRO Series

Although the ability to develop advanced machine technologies is crucial, Romaco Macofar is convinced that flexibility and ease of validation are also essential criteria for meeting the specific requirements of customers in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. For many years now, Romaco Macofar has enjoyed an excellent reputation as a global supplier of filling solutions for sterile powders and granules.



Macofar MICRO – Designed for security and quality in powder microdosing

The Romaco Macofar MICRO 6, MICRO 9 and MICRO 18 are intermittent motion microdosing machines for dosing sterile powders at mechanical speeds of between 5,000 and 18,000 vials an hour. The powders are filled using a vacuum / pressure system. The cylindrical glass vials are then sealed with a rubber stopper.

MICRO 6 / 9 / 18

  • Positive vial transport
  • Automatic simultaneous adjustment of  dosing port volume: dosing port
  • Vacuum / pressure dosing system reduces residual powder at the end of the batch to a minimum
  • High speed statistical weighing system at each dosing port checks approximately 4% of the total production
  • Multiple dosing into the same vial can be performed through HMI
  • Dual dosing disc solution allows two different powders to be dosed into the same vial
  • Stoppering station operating by pick & place system, vacuum assisted
  • Balcony design

Technical Highlights

  • Maximum filling speed: 5,000 (Micro 6), 9,000 (Micro 9) or 18,000 (Micro 18) vials an hour
  • Quick, easy and repeatable format changes
  • Automatic height adjustment of the dosing and stoppering group; no manual adjustments required
  • Flushing with nitrogen before, during and after filling
  • Liquid filling group to allow product validation (media fill test)
  • Drying unit reduces humidity in the dosing area
  • Vertical laminar flow over the dosing and stoppering stations
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