FrymaKoruma VME Vacuum processing system

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VME – Where efficiency meets production

Thanks to an ingenious combination of working tools and the number of available auxiliary systems as well as its control and monitoring facilities, the VME adapts to any product and work process.

Its application is therefore not limited to the area of emulsions, suspensions, homogenates, etc. but comprises the entire manufacturing process of a product from the filling of individual raw material components to the deaerated, ready-to-fill final product.

 Your benefits at a glance

  • Short batch times thanks to the fast intake of dry ingredients
  • Consistently high product quality through outstanding temperature control even for small volumes, perfect control and monitoring of the size of particles and drops, highly effective product deaeration by means of thin film deaeration and variable shear energy input
  • Genuine grinding of powders thanks to built-in toothed colloid mill
  • Reproducibility through automatic formula handling and optimum cleaning and sterilization results
  • No seals in the product area
  • Container and product sterilizable

 How it works

The vacuum feed allows the speedy suction of large volumes of powder and liquids. The MZ toothed colloid mill protruding into the container is the workhorse of the grinding machines. For dispersing and emulsifying, the effect is to shorten the duration of the process. A dissolver supports the MZ in processing large volumes of powder, and the opposing scraper agitator leads to the steady circulation of the entire product batch and to an efficient heating and cooling process. As the mixing elements are installed from above, there are no seals in the product area. This design is therefore ideally suited to sterilization processes. There are also various work tools available (helical mixer, turbo homogenizer, jet stream mixer) which can be selected to meet the customer’s requirements.

Technical data


Standard design
  • Container with safety device and scraper agitator
  • Powerful vacuum system
  • Lifting system for opening the container
  • Toothed colloid mill MZ
  • Double and insulating jacket
  • Temperature control
  • Operator-friendly control/visualization
  • Totally CIP compatible
  • Shaft sealing ring or mechanical seal design
  • Tiltable container
  • 3 automation levels and additional modules
  • Weighing cells and dosing system
  • Qualification
  • ATEX/US-EX designs
  • Sterile designs
  • Further options on request
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