FrymaKoruma MaxxD Vacuum processing system

MaxxD – the machine for quality and efficiency

The MaxxD vacuum processing system is a homogenizing, mixing and dispersing system for the food industry. It combines effective homogenizing technology, the highest reproducibility, short batch times and high cost-effectiveness with ease of use. With the MaxxD, FrymaKoruma has designed a system that meets all the requirements of the market thanks to the variable settings of process parameters, its robust design for demanding production conditions as well as the uncompromising alignment of its design with the latest developments and demands of the sector.


Partner in the production of spicy or sweet products

The MaxxD serves to produce emulsions and suspensions in a broad range of viscosities such as mayonnaise, sauces, dressings, ketchup, sandwich spreads as well as chocolate fillings and puddings.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Programmable parameters for guaranteed reproducibility of all production processes
  • Short production times through fast emulsion build-up and rapid intake of large volumes of dry ingredients
  • Short cleaning times and low maintenance expenditure for an optimal ratio between expenditure/deployment of resources and yield.

How it works

The products to be processed are fed directly into the homogenizer. They regain the interior of the container through the recirculation line from where they are again fed into the homogenizer. The special scraper agitator on the inside ensures good mixing and supports the transfer of heat when heating or cooling.

Technical data


 Standard design
  • Container with safety device and scraper agitator
  • Powerful vacuum system
  • Homogenizer with built-in pump function
  • Double and insulating jacket
  • Temperature control
  • Operator-friendly control/visualization
  • External recirculation line
  • Totally CIP compatible
  • Shaft sealing ring or mechanical seal design
  • Direct steam injection for fast heating
  • Lifting system for opening the container
  • 3 automation levels and additional modules
  • Weighing cells and dosing system
  • Displacement pump for adding solids (e.g. spices, herbs)
  • Short loop
  • Further options on request

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