FrymaKoruma Inline Homogenizer (DIL)

FrymaKoruma Inline Homogenizer DIL – the modern homogenizer solution for the highest demands

The inline homogenizer is suitable for emulsifying and suspending fluid and viscous products in the area of chemicals and cosmetics as well as in the food industry. It is based on the rotor/stator principle in a multi-chamber system. In their standard design, these machines are intended for installation in closed piping systems (inline); they can also be installed horizontally or vertically in vacuum processing systems.

Dispersion tools graded by fineness are available for this series. For example, there is one version available with a built-on hopper on the intake side and rotatable recirculation and discharge line for liquid and semi-liquid products. The inline version has a vertical product feed for viscous products with poor flow characteristics.


Cutting-edge technology for outstanding product performance and hygiene values

The design of the DIL inline homogenizer from FrymaKoruma offers superb conditions for processing even highly sensitive products thanks to its ideally shaped product chamber (with no dead space or dirt traps) and its simple and effective cleaning technology: from the production of food such as mayonnaise, ketchup or dressings, to ointments, creams, emulsions and suspensions in the cosmetics field all the way to agrochemicals. The broad range of available options offers a high degree of flexibility.

Your benefits at a glance

  • GMP, aseptic design
  • Optimized product chamber
  • Improved sealing technology
  • High throughput
  • High performance
  • Totally CIP/SIP compatible

How it works

The inline homogenizer (DIL) is based on the rotor/stator principle. The product to be processed is fed in by a pump. The product is mixed in the first chamber and pumped to the actual homogenizer. Thanks to the high shear forces, the machine can achieve emulsions with a droplet size of down to 1 μm. Powdery solids are also excellently dispersed.

Technical data


  • Double-acting mechanical seal with mains water connection or pressurization system
  • Explosion-protected design (ATEX)
  • Inlet with an analogue or digital pressure gauge
  • Temperature measurement at the inlet and outlet
  • Base frame static and mobile
  • Further options on request
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