FrymaKoruma Dinex Vacuum homogenizer

Besides in-depth knowledge and decades of experience in industrial automation and machinery, FrymaKoruma offer you above all comprehensive, solution-oriented services. For this they offer you their process engineering laboratory as well as their process technology and training centre.


FrymaKoruma Dinex system – the all-rounder for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics

Innovative vacuum processing system technology for the production of emulsions and suspensions within a broad range of viscosities.

The system serves to produce all kinds of dispersions in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors – from ointments, creams and gels, through syrups, pastes and lotions to beauty products and hair care treatments. In the pharmaceutical field, Dinex also meets the requirements for the production of parenteral, pulmonary, peroral and percutaneous drug types.


  • Short batch times thanks to the homogenizer’s fast intake of dry materials and process-optimized shear energy input.
  • Consistently high product quality due to guaranteed homogenizer passages, optimal control and monitoring of droplet size and distribution as well as below-surface circulation in the case of foaming products.
  • Reproducibility through automatic formula handling and optimum cleaning and sterilization results.
  • Cost reduction effects thanks to the wide range between maximum and minimum batch sizes and fast emulsion build-up.

How it works

The homogenizer below the process vessel works on the rotor/stator principle. The rotor first accelerates the product to 35 m/s. It is then slowed to 0 m/s within a path of 1 mm. The thrust and shear forces occurring in the shear gap reduce the size of drops in emulsions down to 1 µm. At the same time, the homogenizer acts as a pump and conveys the contents back to the upper part of the machine via a recirculation line, with the result that they pass through the homogenizer several times. By choosing between “long loop” and “short loop”, the processes can be adapted to fit different batch sizes.

  1. Product infeed
  2. Product discharge
  3. Homogenizer
  4. Residue discharge/CIP recirculation
  5. Scraper agitator
  6. Counter rotating agitator
  7. Vacuum system
  8. Heating/cooling
  9. CIP
  10. Short loop
  11. Long loop
  12. Stator adjustment
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