FrymaKoruma Toothed Colloid Mill (MZ)

Toothed colloid mill (MZ) — production and processing of suspensions and emulsions

Toothed colloid mills are mainly used for the wet milling of liquid to highly viscous products, if necessary with different milling sets. They are employed primarily in the chemical industry as well as in food production.


Variable and high-performance grinding tools

The area of application for FrymaKoruma toothed colloid mills comprises a broad spectrum in both chemicals and in food production: They are as suitable for the production and processing of juices, soy milk, hazelnuts or meat pastes as for the production of chemical products such as lubricants, pesticides, paper coatings, paints and lacquers.

Our toothed colloid mills offer high throughput performance within minimal space and optimal reproducibility. Their simple monitoring mechanism enables safe operation, and further safety elements prevent faulty operation. The system is designed for CIP cleaning and sterile operation and is also available on request with stepless milling gap adjustment.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Minimal product loss thanks to innovative grinding technology with perfect grinding chamber design
  • Optimized seal technology
  • GMP design
  • CIP compatible
  • High energy density with high throughput in minimal space
  • Highest hygiene standards also met through optimal residue draining and good flushing of static seals in the cleaning process

How it works

The product to be processed is fed in via a hopper, screw or with the aid of a pump. It is ground by the grinding tool and subsequently conveyed by the ejector. Thanks to three different milling sets and an option to adjust the milling gap, the mill can be perfectly adapted to meet different requirements.

Technical data


  • Vertical and horizontal designs
  • Feeds: pump, hopper, screw feeder
  • Various perforated discs
  • Double-acting mechanical seal with mains water connection or pressurization system
  • Housing with double jacket
  • Base frame static and mobile
  • Conversion set to toothed colloid and corundum stone mill
  • Further options on request
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