FrymaKoruma Perforated Disc Mill (ML)

Perforated disc mill (ML) — variable and powerful system for the food sector

The perforated disc mill is a system for grinding and pre-grinding chunky solids, e.g. fruit and vegetables of all kinds. Depending on requirements, these mills are available with a hopper, screw or pump for integration with piping systems.


High productivity, impressive hygiene values and variable opportunities for use

Besides a strong throughput performance, the perforated disc mills from FrymaKoruma offer top marks with regard to hygiene management and flexibility. Whether for the production of fruit and vegetable juices, processing vegetables, fruit, meat and fish or recycling leather and paper waste — our product range offers the right grinding tools for any purpose, precisely adapted to the products to be processed. The innovative, single or double-acting mechanical seal is free of dead space; all parts in contact with the product are designed in AISI 316L as standard and can be easily cleaned even without being disassembled (CIP).

In the process, the perforated disc mill can be adapted to meet specific customer demands in every respect to obtain the optimum setting for the particular product. This applies to the different perforated discs and equally to the axial adjustment of the cutter blades. The system guarantees high reproducibility and scalability as well as safe operation thanks to the monitoring mechanism whose safety elements prevent incorrect operation. In addition, it is designed for CIP cleaning and sterile operation. On request it can be supplied with supplementary equipment for replacing the process tools.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Minimal product loss thanks to innovative grinding technology with perfect grinding chamber design
  • Optimized seal technology
  • GMP design
  • CIP compatible
  • High energy density with high throughput in minimal space

How it works

The product to be ground is fed in via a hopper. A rotating cutter blade initially cuts the product. Then it is pressed through the holes in the static disk. The ejector blade rotating under the perforated disc pulls the finished product from the cutting zone and carries it to the open outlet of the mill.

Technical data


  • Vertical and horizontal designs
  • Feeds: pump, hopper, screw feeder
  • Various perforated discs
  • Double-acting mechanical seal with mains water connection or pressurization system
  • Housing with double jacket
  • Base frame static and mobile
  • Conversion set to toothed colloid and corundum stone mill
  • Further options on request
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