FrymaKoruma CoBall®-Mill (MS)

Annular gap bead mill CoBall® (MS) — for the highest demands and best results in very fine grinding

Annular gap and agitator bead mills are used for processing suspensions and highly viscous products in chemicals and cosmetics as well as in the food sector. Studies have shown that annular gap bead mills enable up to four times higher energy inputs than traditional agitator bead mills. Thanks to our many years of experience and by applying the latest insights from the field of nanotechnology, we are able to present an optimal instrument in the form of our CoBall® that combines great versatility with high efficiency.


Variable and high-performance grinding tool

The CoBall from FrymaKoruma can be used to process chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products as well as in food production, and the optimum settings for specific requirements can be obtained in each case. Possible applications range from the very fine grinding of chocolate coating and cocoa mass, roasted nuts, almonds and sesame, through pharmaceutical drugs, highly pigmented pastes and lipstick substance all the way to the production or processing of paints and lacquers, heat-sensitive semiconductor coatings and other coverings, paper pulp, thermographic paper as well as applications in high-tech and sanitary ceramics, agrochemicals and specialty chemicals or the fine grinding of filler materials such as titanium oxide. Depending on the application, grinding media can be supplied in various materials and in different diameters.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Extremely high energy inputs possible (6 to 8 MW/m3)
  • Uniform level of fineness in the final product with very narrow particle size distribution
  • Optimal cooling thanks to the largest possible heat exchange surface (gentle processing of products)
  • Best reproducibility of dispersion and grinding results
  • High throughput for high grinding fineness, even with highly viscous products
  • Low consumption of cleaning agents
  • Fast product changeover
  • Totally CIP compatible, cleaning possible without removing the grinding beads
  • Sterilizable (for the pharmaceutical sector)

How it works

A conical rotor is inserted into a stator that is also conical. In the gap between these two bodies, the grinding beads are accelerated radially from the centre outwards by means of the rotational movement. The grinding beads are separated from the product by a separator at the product outlet and automatically fed back to the product flow through a channel on entering the grinding chamber. The heat created by the energy input is specifically and efficiently dissipated thanks to the large heat exchange surface.

Technical data



  • Different material designs for the grinding chamber
  • Various grinding beads
  • Double-acting mechanical seal with mains water connection or pressurization system
  • Feed pumps
  • Product flow control
  • Explosion-protected design (ATEX)
  • Sterile design
  • Further options on request
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