Ehret – Laminar flow working isolators

Innovative by tradition

Striving for perfection and the will for innovation are the most important powers. Due to market-driven products, excellent quality and comprehensive service Ehret has grown countinously during many years. This development is reflected in the existing customer relations and in-cites Ehret to further top performances.


Laminar Flow Working Isolators / Sterility Test Isolators

  • made of stainless steel
  • PLC system, microprocessor controlled
  • positive pressure +50 Pa up to +150 Pa
  • H2O2 decontamination (hydrogen peroxide)

Laminar Flow Working Isolators

  • laminar air flow grade A
  • ambient room class D as per cGMP
  • applications:
  • sterile requirements
  • sterile filling / weighing
  • tissue engineering

Sterility Test Isolators

  • laminar or turbulent air flow
  • ambient room non-classified as per GMP
  • transfer hatches
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