Flexible wall isolators

SOLO CONTAINMENT is a leading global supplier of flexible film containment solutions for the world of pharmaceuticals and producing a wide range of innovative solutions that offer all the high performance of rigid systems but with l ower costs, faster delivery and greater versatility.


A rapid delivery bench top isolator package ideal for particle containment or a simple inert gas or low humidity environment. Available in three standard sizes with a wide range of options


A fully-customisable range of process isolators for a wide variety of applications such as API sampling, Sub-Division, Milling and Granulation, including Tray Dryer and Lyophiliser interfaces.


Our engineered acrylic isolation system is perfect for stand-alone API dispensing or can be configured into containment for blister pack or bottle fill lines.


Our Continuous Liner System available in up to 80m long pre-packed cassettes that can be changed in seconds for long uninterrupted production runs.


The soloLAB is shipped fully assembled and simply folds out to create a compact yet gas tight working environment that is ideal for small scale powder handling , instrument enclosures or inert gas operation.

Inert Gas Isolators

Inert Gas Isolators utilise the same flexible film enclosure technology but with gas saturation systems that quickly reduce Oxygen content to circa low % values.